Pretty Damn Cold!

Alexandra remained foggy and cold on Sat 02 June. We stopped to take photos at Butchers Dam where the scenery was splendid but we didn’t want to hang around for too long as it was very cold. We were parked by Lye Bow Road, a gravel road which is just off the main highway. The first photo is Nigel’s and the rest are mine.

Butchers Dam at Butchers Gully by Lye Bow Road, Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. Taken Sat 02 June 2018.





Butchers Dam is owned by The Last Chance Irrigation Company and irrigates about 20 Central Otago farms according to a newspaper article from 2009. There was a lot of gold mining activity in this area in the 1860s but the dam reservoir covers most of the mining area including the last incarnation of a hotel that was built in stone in 1890 after previously being burnt down several times. The dam was built in the 1930s.

Text by Liz, Photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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