Fire and Ice

Rose hips and hoar frost photographed on the second day of winter. We drove to Alexandra and in the afternoon on the way back to Gore we stopped in several places to take photos. These are taken at Butchers Dam near Alexandra. We literally parked on the roadside, scrambled up a bank, and found a lovely white wilderness with flashes of red rose hips.

First two photos taken by Nigel and the rest taken by Liz.
Butchers Dam, Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand. Taken on Sat 02 June 2018.






Text by Liz, Photos taken by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. Thank you very much! Sorry about the late reply, to my surprise I found your comment in spam and there’s nothing spam-like about it – go figure! It was sure cold outside of the car!


  1. I checked on the temps for the next week in Alexandra. It’s so cold there! No wonder you can take beautiful frosty photos. Is it normally so cold at this time of the year?

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      1. Thank you Liz, I looked at the photos. They are just stunning! I once lived in the Waikato and we had big frosts there, but nothing like that! Here in NSW we have frosts too: last July a number of mornings where the temp was -6, but never frosts like that. I guess there’s not enough moisture in the air.

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        1. From Butchers Dam through Fruitlands it was hoar frost. Somewhere between Fruitlands and Roxburgh it completely changed and the afternoon was beautiful. We’ve got 4 or 5 photos taken once we’d left the frost behind, I’ll share them in a forthcoming post a few days away yet. I’ve spent a little bit of time in Huntly in the Waikato and it was a horrible place to be in winter – the cold and fog from being so close to the Waikato River (I was staying just across the road from the river).

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  2. I’m guessing that it was very cold for the hoar frost to have occurred. It must have been breathtaking to see this firsthand. The rose hips are so lovely encased in the frost. Thank-you!

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