Bossy Bovines in Oklahoma USA

Dairy Living. For most of us dairy living is a trip to the supermarket to take a few bottles of milk off the shelf. We struggle home with the weight and thankfully deposit it in the fridge. Done!

What do we know of the cows that eat the grass and produce the milk? Of the farmers (men, women, families) who grow the grass and look after the cows? Do we spare a thought for the hard work they put in – the labour, the planning, the investment, the time, the risks?

I’d like to introduce you to Carol Troyer who DOES live this life with her family in Oklahoma USA.  She shares the ups and downs, joys and successes, challenges, bossy bovines, hard work and tiredness, the garden, and family life

in her blog:      Dairy Living     Creating our own reality on the farm.

Carol’s cheerful, tongue-in-cheek stories of life as “the milkmaid” are informative and entertaining!

Dairy Living, Oklahoma (USA)

Welcome to the dairy farm!
Red, White & Blue


Carol with the only ‘Brown Swiss’ cow. This post has her Mom’s recipe for  Pumpkin Cookies and photos of the real thing – they look YUM!
Mom’s Pumpkin Cookies


Trolley in the home garden, isn’t this lovely?
Vintage Gardening


Carol’s son driving home from church
Sunday Drive


Close and personal with a Bossy Bovine!
Back to the Grind


Rolling out the carpet for the cows in winter (literally – this is rough hay rolled out for the cows to lie on “when the freezing north wind starts howling”).
Rock and Roll


Heart for Valentines Day – look at the forehead of this cute little calf!
The Sky’s the Limit


Vege garden farm-style
Super Salad


Have you enjoyed these photos and snippets of information? I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for more! Follow Carol’s blog at Dairy Living !!!

This post compiled and arranged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Benjamin loved this post so much that I became a follower of Dairy Living…well, I love it too! Whenever we explore a new blog, I show Benjamin where it comes from on the U.S.A. or the World map. So, he knows that you are far from us because we looked on the map. When I showed him where Oklahoma is on the map, he said : “Gem, that’s on our map, we’re both states! Size and distance are still not clear to him, but we are working on that. May I just say that the world of blogging fascinates me, bringing together people and places that would otherwise be missed. I needed to go to New Zealand to find Oklahoma, now that’s amazing! Thank-you for finding Oklahoma for us x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, it amazes me too Ellen! I feel very joyous and thankful to have received your comment as I very particularly hoped that you and Benjamin would enjoy Carol’s blog and perhaps follow it too! I think she does a fantastic job and deserves a wider audience 🙂 They work very hard on their farm but she makes it all so interesting with all the different things she shares – lots of animals, the garden, the farm activities, and their family life on and off farm!


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