Pro-Creation: New Photographic Work

On Monday 21 May we went to Dunedin and I had a wander around while Nigel attended to some business. I found the ‘Pro-Creation’ exhibition open at the Community Gallery on Princes Street and enjoyed the photographic work on display by Clive Copeman, Graham Warman, Alan Dove and Derek Morrison. This exhibition will be open 11am – 6pm on Tues 22 May and Wed 23 May at 20 Princes St, Dunedin (New Zealand).

I particularly enjoyed seeing a photograph by Graham Warman of St Patrick’s Basilica in South Dunedin, a church which I’d seen a couple of times as we drove by in the car and had greatly admired.

In God We Trust  |  taken by Graham Warman

The sign in the far right of the photograph reads In God We Trust

** Click on the photo to enlarge **


Information provided about the above photograph …


Graham Warman has two websites:

Graham Warman Photography and Archiphoto


A Tour of St Patrick’s Basilica

St Patrick’s Redevelopment

St Patrick’s Basilica Renovation Journey (pdf)

— The framed photograph In God We Trust was taken by Graham Warman —

Text by Liz, above photos taken by Liz on 21 May 2018 with permission
Exploring Colour (2018)


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  1. What a gorgeous piece of architecture and a beautiful photo of it too! I wonder what it looked like back in 1894? Thank-you for sharing!

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    1. It appears as if it had a big blocky porch on the front of it prior to the re-development so they’ve done away with the porch and opened the front right up with those lovely big windows. Big improvement! It has loads of street appeal and I’d like to go and see inside the church some time. The porch was from the 1960s. I’m just now adding some ‘Further Reading’ links to the bottom of the post. The renovation update pdf has a ‘before’ photo.


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