Cool Blues and Hot Pink

Four lovely images remaining, all are flowers and I have three blues and one pink. The pink easily holds it own – this is no passive pink!

Thanks to the photographers for granting permission to use their photos.

** Click on photo to enlarge **


Texas bluebonnets, Lupinus texensis. Taken by Steven Schwartzman (Austin, Texas, USA). The red flowers are Indian paintbrushes, Castilleja indivisa.

From:   Bluebonnets redeem themselves  |  06 April, 2018

Blog:     Portraits of Wildflowers


A river of Ceanothus flowing over a rock wall at Larnach Castle Garden near Dunedin, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand. 25 November, 2017.

Taken by my husband, Nigel Cowburn (New Zealand)


Glory-of-the-Snow (Chionodoxa spp.)  Taken by Nick Hunter (New York, USA)

Large-size version available HERE

From:   Glory-of-the-Snow  |  17 April, 2014

Blog:     Nick’s Nature Pics

Hollyhock proudly presenting its showy pink flowers


Hollyhock photo taken in her yard by Natalie Scarberry (Texas, USA)

From:   Silent Sunday …  |  06 May, 2018

Blog:     Sacred Touches

Compiled and arranged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018). Images used with permission.

17 thoughts on “Cool Blues and Hot Pink

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  1. Oh, how these pictures make me wish the flowers were in bloom here. Only tulips so far, but the lilacs are starting to bud. I can’t wait for all those nice sights and scents!

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  2. Four beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. Benjamin quietly looked at each one for a bit of time and finally said : “Gem, I like pink and blue. They are pretty, but orange is the bestest!” However true, he still wants to go see the Blue-Footed Booby dancing again. Thank-you x 2!!

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