Shades of Blue

Have I got some blues for you! These photos are guaranteed to lift your spirits and chase away “the blues”.

Many thanks to the photographers who’ve allowed me to use their images.

Blue sofa in the forest. I asked Simone to tell me about this surprising scene and her response is below the photo. Thanks Simone!


Taken by Simone Foedrowitz (Germany)

I found the sofa in the city forest of Hannover, the Eilenriede. It was simply placed in the forest rather than taken to the landfill.
My first thought when I discovered the sofa was: Funny!
Second thought: unbelievable! How brazen is that!
Third thought: Cool place to feel good. As created for me, because I love our Eilenriede. For me the best place to enjoy!!
The sofa was eventually disposed of by the city.

From:   Wohlfühlplatz gefunden? |  11 December, 2014


I remembered seeing a fantastic photo of a blue booby in a blog and happily I was able to find it again. Its a blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii) …


Taken by Cindy Knoke (USA)  |  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

From:   Blue footed Beauties  | 16 December, 2017

Blog:     Cindy Knoke

Male birds show off their feet to prospective mates. The bluer the feet the more attractive the mate! This and more information is available at National Geographic

I’ll add a couple of links to videos of this behaviour at the end of this blog-post!

This gorgeous turquoise-blue river water is found at Hokitika Gorge on the west coast of the South Island, New Zealand. The colour is derived from the mix of “rock flour”, glacial ice melt and minerals. Rock ‘flour’ is rock that’s been ground up by glacial action.

** Best viewed in large-size : click on photo to enlarge  **


Hokitika Gorge. Taken by Ngaire Ackerley (New Zealand)

From:   Ho Ho Ho Hokitika  |  06 March, 2018

Blog:     Kiwi Footprints

Two beautiful shades of blue. Blue Muscari (Grape Hyacinths)


Taken by Jude (Cornwall, UK)

Muscari armeniacum is a lovely deep blue grape hyacinth – the classic. Together with Silver Grape Hyacinth ‘Valerie Finnis’.  A lovely silvery-blue which contrasts nicely. Bees love them both.”

From:   Plant Portrait  |  20 April 2018

Blog:     Earth laughs in flowers

Here’s a good-looking guy!


Southern Tree Agama (male breeding colouration); Acanthocercus atricollis atricollis

Taken by Dries de Wets (South Africa)

From:   Southern Tree Agama  |  27 April, 2018

Blog:     de Wets Wild

Videos: blue-footed booby males showing off their blue feet; I enjoyed watching both of these 🙂

Blue-Footed Boobies Mating Dance is the Best Thing Ever | The Dodo

A fun presentation with music and information snippets. Its good!

Blue footed boobies courting

More serious – there’s no music and you can hear the whistling noises they make.

Compiled and arranged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018). Images used with permission.

21 thoughts on “Shades of Blue

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  1. Benjamin is totally smitten with the Blue-Footed Booby and thinks “that is the bestest name”! The two videos were watched twice already and he wants to show Mommy and Daddy. The Southern Tree Agama won his heart too and he thinks agama is a funny name. The blue sofa caught his attention and he thinks that I should “have a sofa to sit on in the woods”. Thank-you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These shades of blue are blue-tiful! When Benjamin is not here, I always get a cup of coffee before I open a post from you. This is definitely a two cup post, these photos are fantabulous! Benjamin is going to be over the moon when he sees the Blue Booby…even the name will delight him! To find any sofa in the woods would be mystifying, but this would certainly stop one in their tracks. I love grape hyacinths and mine are just starting to bloom. Nature holds so many moments of pleasure, if we only pause to see them. Thank-you for these lovely Sunday moments!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blue-tiful, that’s a new one to me, I like it! Its nice to imagine you sitting down with your coffee before settling in with my blog-post! The blue booby is a fantastic name! I imagine Benjamin will enjoy seeing the video clips of the boy showing off his blue feet to the girl!


    1. There is such a great range of blues, I feel that there’s a shade of blue to suit everyone; and I guess for every occasion! Pastel blue and turquoise blue, right through to dark navy blue that’s almost black!


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