Pink and Blue: A Gentle Introduction

I’ve been collecting images in pink and blue – both or either. Having collected rather a lot, I’ll split them over several posts and I hope you enjoy them!

This post is dedicated to photos that show paler shades of pink and blue – subtle and more easily overlooked.

“Thank you!” to the featured photographers for allowing me to use your images.

At a personal level this beautiful image speaks to me of hope rising above adversity.

** Click on photo to enlarge **


Mountain bluebird, west of Calgary. Taken by Christopher Martin (Canada)

From:   Signs of Spring – Mountain Bluebirds  |  April 22, 2018

Blog:    Christopher Martin Photography

Bright-eyed beaver with reflection; silky smooth water with hues of pink and blue.


North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) swimming off of Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge one early morning. Taken by Mike Powell (Virginia, USA)

[To view a larger-size version click HERE]

From:   Early morning beaver swim  | April 29, 2018

Blog:     Mike Powell

Look at this bountiful spread of pink cherry blossom!


Tiny garden at the photographer’s rented Paris flat. Taken by Judith (Paris and UK)

[To view a larger-size version click HERE]

From:   Pretty in Pink | 28 April, 2018

Blog:     Beyond the Window Box

Bohemian blue …

** Click on photo to enlarge **


An eastern collared lizard sits atop the highest point in a field of boulders at Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park. Photo taken by Danny Brown (Missouri, USA)

From:   Boulder Scramble (Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park) | 01 May, 2018

Blog:     Nature Frames

Remember to look up – it can be rewarding, perhaps even inspirational!


Basilica of St Adalbert ceiling, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taken by DuneLight (Michigan, USA)

From:   Ascend  |  07 January, 2018

Blog:     DuneLight

I love the simple beauty and name of the forget-me-not …

** Click on photo to enlarge **


Photo taken by Pete Hillman in his front garden April 2018, Staffordshire (UK)

From:   Forget-Me-Not II  |  23 April, 2018

Blog:     Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography

and the fresh delicacy of this luxurious pink tulip


Tulip ‘angelique’. Taken by Jonathan Jones (Reading, Berkshire, UK)

From:  Six on Saturday 28-04-18

Blog:    The Propagator

Finally, I thought I’d show you one of our very favourite bakery treats. These delightful little cakes are called Mazarins and we buy them when we visit Dunedin, from Danish Delights (South Dunedin). They are always iced in a thick layer of pretty pale pink icing with one blanched almond on top. Inside they have raspberry jam at the bottom and the rest is quite a dense cake – they weigh more than you’d expect for such cute little things. — Photo taken by Liz; Nigel dubbed this photo “The Three Wise Mazarins” 🙂


Compiled and arranged by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018). Images used with permission.

25 thoughts on “Pink and Blue: A Gentle Introduction

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  1. Very pretty! I just completed a sail boat at sunrise (see it on my gallery) using pink and blue India ink on canvas. Love those colors together. Soft and, as you say, gentle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Simone, thank you for saying that! I’ve been very keen to do more colour posts, its just getting the time to put them together that’s the problem! A little pink post will be published next, in about 7 hours time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, Liz! I enjoyed the colorful collection, especially the pinks! Thanks to your sharing I’ve found a couple new blogs to follow. Your sweet treats were a clever ending.


    1. It was so funny Ellen. I’d just put two of those mazarins out for us to eat and then I suddenly got the idea to photo them, so I ran around getting them back with the remaining one so I could photo the three of them together! They’re lovely treat food. Its so nice you’re now following some of the blogs featured, I do love for that to happen! Tonight’s post will start with a roseate spoonbill of Ted’s, just 4 photos including his, and all pink so I hope you’ll enjoy it too! Always a pleasure to hear from you Ellen – thanks so much!


  3. Benjamin and I are loving the Pink and Blue images. His favorites are Mr. Mike’s beaver, Danny’s lizard and Christopher’s bluebird. I love flowers and art, but my heart is captivated by those divine Mazarins. Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful choices of pictures and lovely colors! I haven´t eaten Mazarins since I lived in Sweden, looks almost the same and probably taste the same, quite filling 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anita! I was hoping someone would tell me about their experience of Mazarins. I find them very filling. Being a small eater I sometimes struggle to get through one! Danish Delights always have loads of them in stock, I assume they’re VERY popular! It makes me happy to hear you enjoyed the photos Anita 🙂


    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback! I enjoy presenting colour posts but its a fair bit of work so I just do them occasionally. (Other colour posts can be accessed via the “Series (Special Posts)” heading on the top menu.)


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