Me to a ‘T’

Travelling back home from Central Otago we were in need of refreshments. We’d already driven Clyde to Hawea in the early morning and then found that Hawea was seriously lacking anything that resembled a cosy cafe with an ounce of ambience. Nigel had visited a prospective client in the morning and we faced a long drive home. We decided to rejoin the highway near Wanaka and I noticed the sign to The Lavender Farm and suggested we call in there – I knew they offered some sort of cafe service at their shop.

Its a delightful shop/small cafe situated in the countryside on a 10 acre site of lavender fields and gardens only 5km out of Wanaka. They also have a small selection of very cute animals including some highland cows and alpacas. We were too late to see fresh lavender flowers but the mature flower heads of the lavender by the path into the shop produced a delicious aroma as we walked by.


The cafe part of the shop had ambience in spades and the window by our table looked out onto a large and interesting garden. Nigel excelled in taking a photo of me that I’m actually happy with, a VERY rare occurrence. Me to a ‘T’ – happily doing nothing, sipping my lavender tea and enjoying quiet time with my other half and with a lovely view out of the window. Real tea made with actual tea leaves and served in fine china. At this point we’d already eaten our heart-shaped lavender cookies!

If you’d like to see some lovely photos of The Lavender Farm then please click on the link I provided, in the first paragraph at the top of this post.


Text by Liz, Photo taken by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. A marvelous photo, Nigel captured you beautifully! You appear quite content after sipping lavender tea and eating lavender cookies…sounds yumalicious. I so enjoyed the link to The Lavender Farm. I only wish their honey could be shipped to me. It is always a delight to travel along with you. Thank-you!

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