Tractor Power

Near the horse ploughing was the vintage ploughing. Here’s a selection of shots from the vintage ploughing plus a couple of modern tractors that were in the static display.

National Ploughing Championships 2018 at Thornbury, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken Saturday 14 April 2018.

John Deere tractor from the static display


The tractor ploughmen were constantly on and off their tractors, measuring their furrows and tinkering with their ploughs. I hung around the vintage ploughing, finding it more interesting than the modern tractors. Four photos from Site 31 …





Site 32 ploughman driving past with his plough


At Site 37 two men worked together on their ploughing. The man at the back followed the plough for the full length of each furrow.


New Holland tractor from the static display


Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)
Nigel took 2nd, 3rd and last photos. All other photos taken by Liz

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  1. Benjamin has decided that driving a tractor and ploughing up dirt is what he would like to do… “It must be so fun!” I told him that it is hard work, “but, it’s so fun hard work!” was his response. The big blue New Holland tractor photo is “The bestest tractor ever with the bestest humongous tires!” says Benjamin. If you haven’t noticed “humongous” and “bestest” are his expressions of pure delight. The site 37 photo reminds me of my Father behind the old plough, though he was tall and slender. Thank-you x 2!! P.S. Benjamin wants me to add “Miss Liz, you look so cute and teensy!”

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