Cottages in Clyde

From our overnight visit to Clyde at Easter I’m now left with just a few photos of cottages and a shot of a creeper with colourful red autumn foliage that was covering a stone wall. Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand.



Photo below: in the 1870s this cottage was the home of a Chinese man who married a British lady and they had a family of 14 children! You can read more about them under “24. Henry Wong Gye’s Home” at the Promote Dunstan Walk Around Historic Clyde


Photo below: this cottage dates back to the 1860s and was built by the first solicitor in Clyde, Anthony Brough. The large section is an amalgamation of several small allotments surveyed as tent sites during the gold rush.


Photo below: this is ‘Holden Cottage’ sited in the museum grounds. It was rescued from the Cromwell Gorge before the gorge was flooded on the completion of the Clyde Dam. (The Cromwell Gorge was the scene of intense activity in the Otago gold rush back in the 1860s).


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)


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    1. Yes, even if some of the older ones had left home by the time the young ones came along, it still must have been a crowded little cottage for years on end! So many people in the cottage would help them all keep warm in the cold winters!

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    1. The cottages are real treasures. Many of the old commercial buildings here are lovely too. I didn’t realise how lovely Clyde is. Staying overnight and having the chance to have a good look around made all the difference! Yes, its autumn here although Wed,Thurs, Fri have been cold, gale wind and hard rain. Horrid! Saturday at last was a beautiful sunny day and we went out for the day to see national ploughing championships!


  1. These cottages are beautiful structures! I went to the link to read about H. W. Gye’s home and was pleasantly surprised to discover that by passing across the drawings, a photo of the building appears. I then had to read about each of them, so interesting. I think the Anthony Brough cottage is my favorite, but would be delighted to own any of them. The stone walls always captivate me, love the one in front of the Gye cottage. Thank-you for this lovely tour of Clyde’s cottages and your marvelous photos. You are a fantastic guide!

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