STONE BUILDING – you don’t say!

The helpful plaque on the front door of this building had an inscription in capital letters – ‘STONE BUILDING’. Wow! Like, there’s stone buildings and stone walls everywhere in Clyde! But anyway, it made me smile. Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand.


This street was our route home to our accommodation from the town centre so we passed this building a few times. Photo above taken by Liz.

Photo below taken by Nigel. ** Click to enlarge **


I was amazed by the massive lintels over the doors and windows. Here is a photo of the front door, taken by Nigel. The door plaque says ‘STONE BUILDING’.


The following shots were taken on our way home after our fascinating evening stroll that I posted about yesterday. Photo below taken by Liz.


Photo below taken by Nigel.


Window detail. Photo taken by Liz.


HISTORY : This building has a varied past, well worth a quick read. There’s an interesting and informative paragraph about it under the heading “12. The Stone Building in Matau Street” on the Promote Dunstan page Walk Around Historic Clyde

Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

12 thoughts on “STONE BUILDING – you don’t say!

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  1. This is a beautiful building, indeed. I especially love the green wooden door, with its badly peeling paint and what appears to be a small hole for mice to travel in and out, down at the bottom left hand corner. Do you see it?

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    1. Well spotted! Yes, I do see it! I’ve just been looking at the original and its hard to see for sure but I think there may be an inside lining that comes right down and closes the gap. But I adore the idea of a special little mouse entrance!


  2. It is indeed a stone building, as the sign clearly states! I was glad to read on your provided link that it is being restored. It does have an interesting, somewhat nebulous history. Thank-you!

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