Street Appeal in Clyde

Strolling streets in Clyde on a warm autumn evening was a treat! Here are some things that captured our interest while wandering aimlessly in the town centre. Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand. Easter; Good Friday evening, 30 March 2018

View looking back up the main street. We however were heading in the opposite direction. Photo by Liz

** Click on the photo to enlarge **


We came to a turn-off for ‘Miners Lane’ and the property on the corner had this intriguing sign right by the footpath. Photo by Nigel


We started to walk down Miners Lane and then found a pedestrian walkway that ran behind all the buildings that face the main street. Walking along this path I was suddenly stopped short by the sight of these fantastic dandelion seedhead sculptures in someone’s back yard. Photo by Liz


Then Nigel noticed this massive swan topiary. Photo by Nigel

** Click on photo to enlarge **


As we headed back along the street to our accommodation our gaze was drawn by the moon rising above a stone wall and framed by trees. Photo by Nigel


Here’s a couple of extra photos …

Another angle on the helpful signpost. Photo by Liz


Dandelion sculptures. Photo by Nigel


Text by Liz. Photos by Liz and Nigel. Exploring Colour (2018)

13 thoughts on “Street Appeal in Clyde

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  1. Clyde certainly has many delights to explore. I love the signpost, anywhere from here and you’re there! Benjamin, being a dandelion lover, is enchanted by the “humongous Dandelions!” They are definitely a work of art. Benjamin thinks the swan topiary is a “dinosaur”. We so enjoy all of the exquisite photos by Nigel and you. We discuss the objects, etc. in each one. I especially like the moon rising above the gorgeous stone wall. Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. Interesting about the “dinosaur”. I didn’t take much notice of it and it was Nigel who enthusiastically exclaimed about the ‘swan’! Then I appreciated it more. Being so big, it does have a bit of a monster thing going on and with the long neck I totally appreciate why Benjamin would call it a dinosaur! Initially I think I may have tended toward that as well 🙂


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