St Dunstan’s Catholic Church, Clyde

This lovely church wasn’t far from our accommodation, The Postmasters House, in Clyde. St Dunstan’s was built of local stone in 1903. It replaced a previous church built in the 1860s that had been destroyed in a storm.

Nigel particularly admired the orange reflection cast on the wall from the orange roof tiles. You can see this effect in the following photos, the first two taken by me and the last photo taken by Nigel.


In the above photo I particularly liked the rose bush shadows along the path. You can see the orange reflection effect just above the lower roof, on the right.


According to the Promote Dunstan website “It is a fine example of early English Gothic, roofed with Marseilles tiles. It was restored and rededicated on October 18, 1989.”

The above link takes you to a lovely web page that outlines a summary of the historic buildings in Clyde. If you hold the mouse over one of the cute drawings you get a colour photo!


Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel as attributed; Exploring Colour (2018)


11 thoughts on “St Dunstan’s Catholic Church, Clyde

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  1. Benjamin loves the orange tiles and the orange glow they cast, orange is his favorite color. St. Dunstan’s Catholic Church with the rose bush path is beautiful. Is it possible to go inside? Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. I love orange too so I’m happy to hear Benjamin is so fond of this colour! We didn’t walk up to the doors but I was just thinking last night that next time we’re in Clyde it would be nice to try and go inside!


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