Postmasters House in Clyde

I shared with you how much we enjoyed visiting the Post Office Cafe & Bar in Clyde, Central Otago. While I was checking out the garden bar I noticed a sign on a garden gate about accommodation next door. I enquired at the cafe about it and found the prices very reasonable. Now bear in mind that this was Good Friday when you’d expect everything to be booked up. It took all my courage to ask what appeared to be a patently stupid question … “Ah, I don’t suppose you’ve got any rooms available tonight?”. To my astonishment a booking for two rooms had been cancelled! We were able to have a room with a queen bed for $95. Shared bathroom, but the other room wasn’t booked so we’d have it to ourselves. Apart from these, there was also another room for $125, a huge one with queen bed and en suite which was booked by a couple doing the Central Otago cycle trail. We met them the next morning in the shared kitchen. Very nice young Scottish couple living and working in Christchurch at present but heading back to Scotland in a few months.

In today’s post I’ll show photos from our accommodation in the Postmasters House. We wandered around Clyde in the evening and found lots of things of interest so I’ll share some of those in future posts!

The Postmasters House




Photo below is the bedside lamp on one side of the bed…









Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. What a lovely, homely looking place. More than just a bed. Love the roses too. In the BOP we can only dream of such healthy displays. Humidity isn’t a rose’s or a person’s friend.

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    1. Judging by the beautiful rose displays in the public gardens at Invercargill, roses do very well down here. As you’d know Central Otago is a LOT drier than Invercargill but the wild roses in Central are rampant and had lots of colourful rosehips at Easter. And in this lovely garden here, they looked well cared for and very beautiful! We also saw hollyhocks and I’ll probably be posting photos that have these as well. They were an unexpected treat!

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  2. I agree with Ellen and Ellen. I love these non-traditional bed and breakfast type places. They have so much more character than the usual “cookie cutter” hotel rooms.

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  3. This place is a treasure, how marvelous that you were able to secure accommodations here. Your photos of the room are delightful. I love the wicker carriage, I am such a fan of anything wicker! The old Singer sewing machine reminds me of the treadle one I learned to sew on, so that my fingers would survive to sew on an electric machine. The bedside lamp is an artistic piece, love it. Thank-you, I am so enjoy travelling in your pocket!

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    1. Its kind of you to leave such a delightful message – thank you very much Ellen! We couldn’t get over our good fortune at being able to stay the night there at such short notice at Easter!


    1. The room was a treat and very comfortable! The sun came into the room in the afternoon and we had the curtains partly open – the sun accentuated the colour of the curtains and they looked beautiful!

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