Cosy in Clyde Post Office

The Post Office Cafe & Bar in Clyde is perfectly wonderful! When we left Lower Shotover on Good Friday we stopped at the town of Clyde in Central Otago for lunch. I vaguely remembered this cafe and bar from years ago and managed to find it again (its not on the main street). Its a lovely building, comfortable inside, food’s great, and the staff are welcoming and friendly. We instantly relaxed and felt right at home.


This is the old Post Office building in Clyde, built in 1900 out of local schist by William Gair who was born in the Shetland Islands and came to New Zealand in 1878. He originally tried gold mining but then returned to his trade as a stonemason and built many of the stone buildings in Clyde and Cromwell, carrying out work for the borough council.


As soon as you walk through the door you pass by the fireplace, very cheery on a cold winter’s day when they have the fire going.


Nigel’s pie and salad. The food is as good as ever!


The garden bar behind the building. Its a large space and several families were relaxing in this area along with a couple of dogs who were snoozing contentedly on the grass.


View of the main cafe from our table. There’s another large casual room and from there guests can head out into the garden bar.


Fireplace detail.





Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. This is a magnificent building and it is wonderful that it has been given such a fantastic use now as a cafe. I can imagine how lovely it must be with the fireplace burning. Benjamin is thrilled by the 4th. photo of the garden bar because…”Look Gem, just like your bird feeder!” It is indeed like the one constructed on a tree that had been partially destroyed a few years ago. The squirrels and chipmunks love it! Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. We ended up staying in the Postmaster’s House next door for the night, and looked around Clyde. More posts to come! Tonight though I’ll be posting about an amazing “outlaw” letterbox in Tapanui – Benjamin will probably like it!


  2. It’s always interesting to hear the names of the towns around you, Australia, Tasmania, and others. We all share the same past. A town in New England US could be anywhere if the country is not mentioned. We lived in Cromwell, just a different locale.

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