Old Brown Racing “HORSE”

and “BANDIT”.  These two cars with catchy names caught my attention when wandering around a display of speedway cars on Thurs 08 March in Invercargill. I’ve already posted about my favourite – the green car named “THE CHOPPER”!! These photos show another two cars that were next-door neighbours in the display …








Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)


4 thoughts on “Old Brown Racing “HORSE”

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    1. Guess I didn’t think of steampunk but of course you’re right! I suppose the more they individualise them the more exposure they get for their sponsors; no doubt personal pride comes into it too! The more creative ones are fun to look at!

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  1. Benjamin likes Bandit the bestest, but he thinks all of the others cars are great too! He wants to know if they are all going to race? Thank-you x 2!! P.S. I have to tell you that Benjamin has me often return to the post about “An Engine Like No Other” to watch the video of the engine operating. He LOVES that engine!

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    1. I’m truly delighted that Benjamin likes the unusual engine! Invercargill has a speedway near the beach and I think this display was essentially publicity for their upcoming race. All the best, Liz


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