Gold on the Shotover, Queenstown

Although autumn colours are only just starting, I did find gold on the Shotover in some poplar trees by the Old Shotover Bridge. Gold against green actually, very pretty!



These two photos are taken with The Remarkables in the background



View immediately upstream of the Old Shotover Bridge. Following the path to the left would take you underneath the bridge.


When things go wrong …


1909 : a new bridge was agreed to by the Lake County Council
A Wellington construction firm was contracted to complete the bridge in 14 months at a cost of 7530 Pounds.

The choice of materials caused serious delays. Then the project came to a standstill over a dispute between the council and the contractor about whether the final pier was down to bedrock or not.

The contractor took the council to court claiming damages for stopping work but in October 1912, the council was proved right, when heavy flooding in the river undermined the pier and it collapsed taking a section of the bridge with it.

As stated in a previous post, the bridge was opened on 30 April 1915, closed in April 1975, then restored and re-opened for pedestrians and cyclists on 03 June 2005.

This photo and information is derived from the information panels in the kiosk near the bridge.

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

11 thoughts on “Gold on the Shotover, Queenstown

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    1. The river is a real beauty but with its steep gorges it presented a real challenge to the early settlers and miners. And its not the only one, there’s lots of long rivers and creeks in this region!

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    1. Thanks Tanja! I was surprised to find the nice blue sky background in these shots. Much of the time it was cloudy and grey, light constantly changing, and I was struggling to get photos that weren’t ‘flat’. Guess I forgot that there’d been some blue sky too – thank goodness!

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  1. I have been very remiss in not commenting on this splendiferous series about Shotover, Queenstown. I have been enjoying the marvelous photos and history immensely. You are an excellent guide and photographer. The 3rd. and 4th. photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank-you!

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    1. You’ve made my day Ellen, thank you! I’ll be posting some speedway cars tonight from the same display that the little green car called “The Chopper” was in. Benjamin might like them perhaps. They’re named the “Old Brown Racing Horse” and “Bandit”. Thanks again for your very encouraging comment!


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