Magic at Millers Flat

Millers Flat is a small and lovely village just off the highway as you travel out of Central Otago and head toward the Clutha District. To access the village you must cross the mighty Clutha River via a bright blue bridge with a series of arches. Its all very scenic and rather exciting! As soon as we’d arrived in Millers Flat I took a shot back at the bridge we’d just crossed.


When we left Millers Flat I took a photo through the front windscreen to show you what the bridge is like – its a beautiful bridge! It was opened in 1899 and was painted the blue colour in the 1980s.


So, why were we in Millers Flat? We were returning home from a trip and wanted to find out if the community store and cafe in Millers Flat was open. Last time we’d called in it had been closed.

Faigan’s Store – its special because its been serving the village since the Faigan family opened it in the late 1890s. Nearly closed in the 1980s but the community kept it going and then after a more recent crisis new owners have come in and re-established it as a lovely cafe that also stocks a few essentials for the local community. We were delighted to find a cafe that offers a warm welcome with friendly staff and lovely food!


I could see the kitchen staff were wearing rabbit ears which intrigued me because the counter staff weren’t. I thought it was a nice subtle nod to Easter, and good fun too so I asked if I could take their picture and they rewarded me with heart-warming smiles that made for a great photo!

From an ODT article I’ve found the lady on the left is co-owner of the cafe, Juanita Garden. She lived in Millers Flat until she left school and remembers going to the store when it was still owned by the Faigans.

For the record the food was delicious but I didn’t take photos. I had a breakfast muffin and Nigel had an almond croissant. There were plenty of food options and as you’d expect at Easter the cafe was busy. Instead, I was drawn like a magnet to colour – coloured memo papers on the counter, stuck on a spike and looking gorgeous…


I peeked around into the shop and found that they sell these amazing T-shirts, black with catchy logo-caption prints on them (e.g. one version had a logo of the blue bridge with the caption ‘Go With The Flow’). I’m so NOT into impulse clothing purchases but I just had to have one…


Here I’m wearing my new T-shirt at home. It features a classic farm tractor and the caption reads “The Daily Commute” with ‘Faigan’s, Millers Flat’ added underneath. I love it!

I’ll finish with a photo of Faigan’s Cafe and Store. If you’re travelling along the stretch of highway between Ettrick and Rae’s Junction, turn off at the blue bridge to Millers Flat. You’ll see Faigan’s as soon as you cross the bridge.

If you want to check their hours, their contact details are on their Facebook Page


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

4 thoughts on “Magic at Millers Flat

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  1. It was great to see you at Faigan’s Ellen. The Rabbit ears were pretty hot, something to do with fake fur, which explains why we look so hot in the kitchen.
    See you again soon at the cafe!


  2. I love to find these little out of the way eateries; they usually have the best food and most interesting doo-dads, like that stack of colorful paper. And how neat to have that blue bridge leading to them. Nice pic of you modeling your impulse purchase!

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