Munro Special Streamliner

The streamliner is an aerodynamic shell for the motorcycle. Burt progressed through four different streamliners. The first was aluminium, the second fibreglass, and I’d assume the next two were fibreglass as well. Five replica streamliners were created for the movie ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’. Here is one of them, displayed at E Hayes and Sons.

***Newsflash: I’ve found a GREAT website for you to visit – don’t miss the link – its down the bottom of this post!



The following three photos were taken in the Southland Museum, the first photo being of another replica produced for the movie and the second photo being a close-up of the Munro Special logo (I really like the logo!).




Back to E Hayes and Sons: Burt’s other bike

Sharing space alongside the Munro Special in the glass cabinet is another bike that Burt spent a lot of time on…




I’ve now gone through all the material that I have on the story of Burt Munro so this is the fourth and last post in this little mini-series! BUT…

Last night I found this fabulous website – the Indian Motorcycle website. It has lots of material about Burt Munro including movie clips. Look for the “Spirit of Munro” Parts 1-4. I’ve looked at Part 1 and it was excellent!

Also, last year a team of Indian Motorcycle engineers did lots of work in their own time on a modern Indian motorcycle and added their own take on the streamliner. The result looked fantastic! They took it to Bonneville and Lee Munro, Burt’s grand-nephew ran it over the salt flats. Also they had a moonlight screening of  ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ under a clear starry sky and the movie director was present along with Burt’s son John Munro and grand-nephew Lee Munro. Sounds so fun!

Great reading at the Link below, have fun and enjoy their wonderful site!

LINK:  Home page for the Burt Munro section of the Indian Motorcyle website

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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