I Do Love Blue!

Since moving here in February I’ve passed through the Gore Public Gardens several times and taken a few photos, and it turns out they all seem to involve the colour blue!

First though, a general shot of the central garden area, taken 3 March.


“This public garden has an interesting history. It was designed, in 1906, by David Tannock, the horticulturist largely responsible for the noted Dunedin Botanic Garden. This historic park preserves his rather formal layout and a venerable Wellingtonia and two horizontal elms from his time. Some of the early conifers were rare at the time and are now of considerable size and interest.” — NZ Gardens Trust

On 17 March this gorgeous rose with the name Rhapsody in Blue was stunning!


Click on the photo to enlarge.

Recently I cut through the gardens and was delighted to find this exquisite blue hydrangea, taken 23 March


Click on the photo to enlarge.

Also on 23 March after exiting the Public Garden, I found this beautiful baby conifer growing in a fairly neglected area – a bank between the footpath and a house.


Back to Gore Public Gardens, the following is an Abies concolor ‘Candicans’ taken 17 March. It was planted in August 1991.

And now another blue conifer that attracted my attention on 17 March. I initially found the one in the second photo below, and then to my surprise found another a bit further along in the same garden (first photo below). They are Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Greenstead Magnificent’, growing in slightly different ways. The origins of this lovely conifer is explained in an Otago Daily Times article written by a Dunedin Botanic Garden curator. The article is titled Bewitchingly Beautiful



I close with another shot of Rhapsody in Blue, this one taken 04 March…


Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

15 thoughts on “I Do Love Blue!

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  1. Benjamin believes the baby conifer is “A baby Christmas tree!” The last two conifer photos show interesting growth patterns. Gore Public Garden is a very beautiful place. I’m wishing for that Rhapsody in Blue rose, I love roses! We both enjoyed this lovely tour and your divine photos. Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Divine? High praise indeed – I’m very touched! I love the idea of the baby conifer being “a baby Christmas tree”. Its a real cutie for sure! Thank you Ellen and Benjamin!


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