Out in the Countryside

After leaving Tapanui on Sunday afternoon we drove out into the country and decided to head for the small village of Waikaka. We explored up a gravel road named Bushy Park Road and I took this roadside photo of a hawthorn with red berries, there’s also a lovely view down over the plains. Photos taken 18 March 2018. West Otago, New Zealand.


Returning to the village, we found that the Waikaka Hotel was open and we stopped there for refreshments. It’s a plain country pub but we enjoyed our visit.

We sat down to wait for our order and I liked the novelty ‘beer mug’ salt and pepper set on the table


I found I had unexpected company. Not far from me was a ‘post person’. These characters come in all sorts of guises – this particular one is holding a shotgun and wearing a cartridge belt (lots of people in Southland and Otago go duck shooting in the season)


SO enjoyed his beer …


While we’d been in the pub the owner’s dog had been briskly trotting around after him. Once we’d been served the owner indulged the dog with some ‘catch the ball’ games. Here the dog is alert, waiting for the ball to be thrown to him.


Having caught the ball and noticed me taking his picture, the dog trotted over with the word ‘please!’ writ in his big brown eyes. He subsequently dropped the ball at my feet and I couldn’t resist throwing it for him. He was an excellent catcher!


After leaving the hotel we drove a short way up a village road and found this really sweet church in a beautiful setting




Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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