We Stick Together

I really love two recent photos of bird ‘couples’ building their nests, taken by the Jennings, South Carolina USA. I’m delighted to have permission to share both images on my blog – thank you very much Ted and Ellen.

I’d encourage you to explore Ted’s and Ellen’s blogs which generally feature the wildlife and scenery in the area where they live. I have my personal favourites, having particularly enjoyed the images of alligators, roseate spoonbills, dolphins and anything that has curtains of Spanish Moss in the photo!

Great Blue Herons Stick Exchange

The first photo shows the dramatic arrival of a Great Blue Heron with a stick offering in his beak, and his mate at the nest is waiting and ready to grab the stick. I’m intrigued by all the ‘pointy’ things in the picture – the claws, beak, feathers, crest and the stick offering.  Photo taken by Ellen Jennings.

NB. Click on the photo to enlarge. To view in much greater detail visit the original post (link provided below the photo)


Please visit the original post  Great Blue Herons Stick Exchange  where you can see this photo and two more – the landing and the actual hand-over.  You can also view very detailed versions of all three images.

Photo taken by:   Ellen Jennings

Blog:   Passing By Photo

Nesting, Great Egrets

The second photo, taken by Ted Jennings shows a pair of Great Egrets, both with their beaks around the same bit of a large branch. I love their shared focus on the task at hand!

NB. Click on the photo to enlarge. To view in much greater detail visit the original post (link provided below the photo)


Please visit the original post  Nesting, Great Egrets  to view a far more detailed version of this image.

Photo taken by:  Ted Jennings

Blog:   TPJphoto.net

Further Reading on Exploring Colour

Where and What is Beauty: Challenges Involved
Guest post contributed by the Jennings about the challenges of wildlife/nature photography where they live in South Carolina.

First photo by Ellen Jennings; Second photo by Ted Jennings.
Images used with permission; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. THANK YOU Tanja! I’d really enjoyed the two photos and as soon as I thought of posting them the title just seemed to suggest itself in a millisecond of fun inspiration! I’m delighted you noticed and commented 🙂

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    1. So glad you enjoyed them and thank you for your comment! The ‘Like’ button is under the “SHARE THIS” heading which occurs after the text of the post but before the Comments. Its to the left of all the little graphics that represent others who have ‘liked’ the post already. (Its different if you’re viewing in Reader though – there you click on the ‘star’ graphic in order to ‘like’ something.) Really nice to hear from you!


  1. Benjamin was ecstatic when I enlarged both photos for him. The detail is indeed awesome to see. He was captivated by the green feathers around the Great Egrets’ eyes and them holding the branch in their beaks. About the Great Blue Herons he said : “I love them!” Thank-you for sharing this beautiful photography.

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