Wyndham Windmill (and more)

Leaving Wyndham, we decided to take the Wyndham – Mataura route and I’d completely forgotten about Windmill Corner! Nigel stopped for me to take a quick shot or two. [This blog-post continues yesterday’s post].


Here are some photos taken back in town before we left: first up, my photo of the Four Square supermarket in the main street (click on photo to enlarge)…


There was this fabulous old rustic, rundown house that I loved. It had cats lazing around in the sun out the front. They ran away as I approached but are still visible in some of the photos… the first shot is taken by Nigel. Click to enlarge.


Three photos taken by me – a cat is visible in each of the first two shots. Click to enlarge. In this one the cat is still lazing on the path at the front of the house…


In the next shot the cat has retreated to the armchair by the door…



A house in another street, click to enlarge…


And I finish here with another shot of Windmill Corner 🙂


Text by Liz; Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

8 thoughts on “Wyndham Windmill (and more)

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  1. That gingerbread house is simply gorgeous. If only the lawn full of dandelions belonged to it instead of the neighbors! That stunning red corrugated metal fence on the side! Those chimney pots! Love, love, love!! Thank you for sharing these photos.

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  2. Very interesting looking town. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you’re interested in accepting it, the rules and my questions can be found in my latest post.

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    1. An apology from me Candice for not responding to you way before this. I hadn’t thought out what I’d do about award nominations and you’re the first person who’d raised it. Eventually after much thought I decided not to do Awards. But then I couldn’t remember where to find your comment! I happened to return to this post today to answer a new comment and lo and behold! there was your nomination! Thanks so much for thinking of me and I felt really honoured, and at least now I’ve made a decision 🙂 I’m just so sorry I took so long to reply!


    1. Glad you’re enjoying the posts Ted! My site will continue to be pretty random in its direction but I’ve accompanied Nigel a few times recently on business trips – provides new opportunities for blogging!

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