Arid Alexandra in Central Otago

Our journey home from Wanaka didn’t start till late in the day and when we got to Alexandra I suggested to Nigel that we break the journey there and take a motel for the night. The next morning after breakfast we drove to a lookout high above the town to take in the scenery.

Central Otago has an extreme climate – hot and dry in summer, then cold and dry in winter with the possibility of heavy snow. There are steep and rugged mountain ranges, large rivers, and a barren but picturesque landscape. And fascinating history from the days of the gold rush in the 1860s. Wild thyme and wild roses cover the hillsides.

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In the photo below you can see the confluence of the Manuherikia River with the mighty Clutha River at Alexandra. The brown things on the lower slope are wilding pines that have been cut down to arrest their spread through the landscape. They’re a big problem in Central Otago. This view is looking south.


Swinging round a little toward the west…


The view west…



Moving north with the view including the Manuherikia River, the cycle trail, and other tracks



Moving east…



And back to where we started…


Text and photos from Liz, Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. Its dramatically different from Southland where we live, where its green all the time. Central Otago is brown, rocky, barren, steep and rugged and known for orchards and vineyards. Stunning landscapes.

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