Agricultural Show at Wanaka 2018

Very early on Friday morning we drove to Wanaka so that Nigel could exhibit at the Wanaka A&P Show, 9th and 10th March. He had a tent site to publicise his work as a landscape architect (through his company Growplan). He particularly wanted to let farmers know about the design services he offers in regard to riparian planting and runoff/nutrient control.

Nigel had a very busy two days that made this the most successful show he’s done and we came away very pleased with the contacts made. I went along as support person and took some time to look around the show as well.

I particularly enjoyed the Cattle Section and while looking at some stunningly beautiful Charolais cattle, I was delighted to be approached by the grandfather of the stud owner, who invited me to come closer to the animals and even let me stroke the coat of one! They had lovely gentle eyes and a wonderful temperament – just as well because when you’re standing close to them, they seem massive!

rsz_img_20180309_181200The above photo shows four animals, two cows at the back who were about 16-18 months old and two calves in the front about 6 months old – they were a month apart in age. The one on the right was a little feisty at times and seemed quite a character, while the others were amazingly calm and patient. They’re beautifully white and perfectly groomed for the show!

Nigel took the photo below, of me standing close in with the cows, with the grandfather who’d invited me to come closer to the animals. This was a highlight of the show for me! Aren’t these animals beautiful?


Text and first photo by Liz; second photo by Nigel. Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Beautiful hide colour. In the olden days they used to wash them in buttermilk to keep them shiny! I can recommend Rosamund Young’s book “The Secret Life of Cows”. Also, a friend who lives on a cattle property told me that when her husband mends fences he plays a classical music CD and the cows come to the fence to listen. If he turns it off, they wander away.

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    1. So interesting! There’s a hose provided at the show so that the animals can be washed but I guess the owners might do a ‘special’ wash after that – I wouldn’t know! I’ll keep an eye out for that book thanks! Cows obviously appreciate the finer things in life 🙂

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