Rustic Little Country Barn

This is a favourite barn of mine. Hadn’t seen it for ages until we went from Gore to Lumsden on Sun 04 March. The barn is at Balfour. I love its simple shape and the view with the green silo at one end. The plants in the foreground are New Zealand flax.

The first photo is taken with my cellphone; the other two were taken by Nigel with his Olympus digital camera.

** Click twice on any image to view large-size **







Text and first image by Liz, other two images by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)



8 thoughts on “Rustic Little Country Barn

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    1. Thanks Helen, its a nice place there. We drove near Wyndham on Thurs so went there briefly and we both took a few photos. Will post when I can but not possible for a little while. Best, Liz


    1. Flax is particularly common down south here and often grows as a shelter for stock along roadside fencelines (where it tends to become too big AND reproduce itself even closer to the road, and sadly becomes a nuisance WEED). Its a great visual element in the landscape though!!

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