Americana Surprise in Southland

On Sunday 04 March we headed way out west from Gore and landed up in Lumsden…

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Hungry and thirsty, we were drawn to this promising-looking cafe and bar


Inside, a 1955 Dodge Kingsway has made itself at home


The Route 6 website describes the cafe as “modern 1950’s themed Americana Cafe with a Kiwiana touch!”


Apparently these are authentic USA-made booths and stools. The bricks are not so authentic (they’re a very nicely done wall-covering that fooled me until Nigel commented about them).


This smaller internet and dining area precedes the main cafe


There’s an outdoor seating area on the other side of this window so it can be appreciated from both sides


This poster at the counter made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved this bright and comfortable cafe. It was a great place to kick back and enjoy some refreshments – I’ll be back next time I want a country drive with a cheerful cafe at the end of the journey.

6 April 2018: Yesterday the Southland Times did an article on Route 6

Text and photos by Liz of Exploring Colour (2018)

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      1. Saskatoon is a city in Saskatchewan, about 250 km from where I live, in Regina. It was named for the wild saskatoon berries found around here. They are now cultivated by market gardeners, and make wonderful pies!

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    1. Yes, and it was quite busy for Lumsden. They allow freedom camping by the old railway station now (which is opposite the cafe) so there were lots more people around than I’m used to seeing in what used to be quiet Lumsden! Everything felt positive and it was nice to be there!


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