The Hallowe’en Tree by Candice Pierce

I’d like to share this photo and poem with you simply because I enjoyed them so much! I know my timing is well out but hey, I only found it yesterday 🙂  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Candice started with a tree image and then did some magic in Photoshop to make it spookier… I asked her about the photo and her answer is in the comments on the original post. Click on the photo below to enlarge.

Photo and poem used with permission. (c) Candice Pierce 2017

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The Hallowe’en Tree by Candice Pierce



This post is a departure from my usual writing. I am fascinated by trees with twisty limbs, and thought that Hallowe’en would be a good time to share my poem about one such tree.

Gnarled limbs with branches curling,
Tangled shadows in the night.
Raven perching,
Spider searching,
Silken web for prey to bite.

Twisted wooden fingers reaching,
Bare and bent in eerie gloom.
Full moon glowing,
Chill wind blowing,
Scratching, groaning, sounds of doom.

Unease grows in dismal darkness,
Senses urge the feet to flee.
Blackness lonely,
Knowing only,
Menace lurks within this tree.

(c) Candice Pierce 2017

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