Appreciating Trees

Following on from yesterdays Bountiful Blossom post, I want to share with you some other beautiful trees that were nearby. Invermay Agricultural Research Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand. Photos taken Sun 26 Nov 2017.

rsz_invermay_trees_01This Horse Chestnut tree is looking beautiful with its lovely display of candle flowers. It also provides a nice pool of shade on a hot day, as does the oak tree further back. Spent flowers had shed their petals all over the grass below, scattered like pink confetti.

rsz_invermay_trees_02Horse Chestnut candle flowers

rsz_invermay_trees_03Horse Chestnut, candle detail

rsz_invermay_trees_04Sunlit foliage of the oak tree which was directly behind the Horse Chestnut

rsz_invermay_trees_06_1200wClick on photo to enlarge. Nigel standing in the shade under the oak tree.

rsz_invermay_trees_05Looking up through the branches. This oak has lovely light-coloured bark.

rsz_invermay_trees_07_1200wClick on photo to enlarge. Trunk and shadow detail, of the oak tree.

rsz_invermay_trees_08Nearby tree with lovely delicate foliage. Not a tree we’re familiar with so I can’t tell you the name.

rsz_invermay_trees_09Click on photo to enlarge. The unknown tree had a nicely textured trunk with attractive yellow lichen growing on it. This beauty was enhanced by the natural light effects and shadow patterns.

Text and Photos by Exploring Colour (2017)


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  1. The Horse Chestnut tree is glorious with all of the softly colored blooms. The Oak tree’s trunk and twisting branches are amazing, as Benjamin would say, it is humongous! My White Oak trees have a soft green lichen on them, this yellow lichen is very pretty. Thank-you!

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    1. The term ‘candle’ is a proper term although I’m not sure exactly how its normally used. They may just be called ‘candles’. So there could be a little bit of artistic license there as well! Not sure!


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