Paradise Shelduck (2)

We saw a lovely family of Paradise Shelducks near a pond at Invermay Research Campus on Sunday, 26 November. As soon as we stopped the car, the parents must have told the ducklings to run for the water because they all instantly ran for the pond!

Invermay is an agricultural research centre on the outskirts of Dunedin City, New Zealand.

As explained in yesterday’s post, Paradise Shelduck (1), these shelducks are endemic to New Zealand and commonly seen. Tadorna variegata

Click on any of the images below for a larger size version.

rsz_invermay_pond_01The duck with the white head is the female. The male duck is dark and harder to see.

rsz_invermay_pond_02Footbridge over the pond and water lilies

rsz_invermay_pond_03Mother duck on the pond with her ducklings.

rsz_invermay_pond_04Father duck is standing on the far bank on top of the rocky edge, quietly keeping watch

rsz_invermay_pond_05The scene was peaceful but the mother duck was anything but, keeping up a constant stream of shrill alarm calls while we were present.

rsz_invermay_pond_06The large patch of water lilies

Just for reference, here’s a closer view of a female Paradise Shelduck…

This photo taken by Nigel

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017) unless otherwise attributed


15 thoughts on “Paradise Shelduck (2)

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    1. Hello Erin and welcome. I knew I’d visited your blog recently and I managed to back-track to your fantail post that also had a lovely photo of a Paradise Shelduck pair at Dunedin Botanic Garden on a pond ornament! Thanks for the follow and I hope you enjoy the content. I’ve done a lot of past posts on Dunedin Botanic Garden and also on Larnach Castle Garden. Best wishes, Liz

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  1. Benjamin is quite smitten! It is back and forth between the two post on the Paradise Shelducks, because he loves the sound track and the enlarged pictures too. He thinks the “Mommy’s orange wings are pretty” and that the babies are “so cute”. Thank-you!

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    1. Benjamin has an excellent eye for colour! Its great to hear that he loves the sound track. When you disturb a paradise duck ‘couple’ that’s exactly how they sound as they take off and fly away! Paradise duck babies are very cute and there’s often lots, say 8-10. The parents are VERY protective!


    1. You’re right, it was all of those and we loved just being there. Right now I’m creating tonight’s post which is a scenic overview of the campus, like a tour, that puts everything in context. I think (hope) you’ll enjoy this too so please stay tuned!

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    1. Thanks Helen. I was surprised how lovely the campus is. Under the last Government the number of research staff were severely cut back (big controversy of course) but the campus grounds still look lovely thank goodness! I’ll be doing more posts on these lovely grounds 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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