Standing With Wild Dolphins

Ted and Ellen Jennings are photographers from Lowcountry, South Carolina and a number of times I've featured their images.  They've recently contributed a guest post in my Where and What is Beauty? series. I follow both of their blogs and can't recommend them highly enough. I've learned so much about the amazing landscapes and wildlife... Continue Reading →

Beauty – An Open Heart

Guest Post By Karen at Bottlebrush Red Photography (Fine Art Flower Photography). What is Beauty and Where can you find it? To see beauty, to feel it, to breathe it and portray it In your Photography, you must have an open heart. [Click photo to read on]

Little Bird Sang For Me

Earlier this month I was in the old rose garden at Invercargill on a grey, wet Saturday. I was very disappointed with the weather - this was supposed to be a little break for Nigel and I when we could get out and wander the gardens in Queens Park, something we really enjoy when we're... Continue Reading →

Winged Visitation

These colourful butterflies just blew me away yesterday. I was stunned by the colour and creative artistry! And I didn't want to do my own post today because all I want to do is say "Hey, why don't you go and see these wonderful butterflies?" I'll guarantee that they'll brighten up your day! Sunset Silhouette... Continue Reading →

Garden Maples in Spring

During our Oct/Nov spring visits to Dunedin Botanic Garden I've taken photos of the beautiful maple foliage (Acer species) but only posted an occasional one. Thought I'd put together a selection for this post! Above: Clive Lister Garden, 05 Nov 2017 The following photos were taken in an upper garden area that has many maples,... Continue Reading →

The gunnera at Dunedin Botanic Garden, taken 05 Nov 2017, is now like a forest! This is an update to my previous post that showed photos taken 30 Sept 2017.

Reds and Blues in the Rock Garden

These reds and blues looked wonderful when I was in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden on Sunday 08 October 2017. Dunedin, New Zealand Maple and lithodora. To see textures click on photo for large version Beautiful deep red primula Lithodora Gentiana acaulis (trumpet gentian) Rosemary with beautiful form, weeping and gnarly. Click on... Continue Reading →

Wedding Cake Tree

This tree has become one of my favourites! These three photos show it in flower, at which stage it looks particularly magnificent. Cornus controversa 'Variegata' known as Wedding Cake Tree. Clive Lister Garden, Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Taken Sunday 05 November 2017 Click on any photo to enlarge Text and photos by Exploring Colour... Continue Reading →

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