Garden Elements at Larnach

The Laburnum Tunnel at Larnach wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention on Saturday. Here are some other photos from the same visit that I’d like to share with you…

These young Wedding Cake Trees are right by the carpark. It was late afternoon when we left and the sun was very bright. Much of the area was in shade but a shaft of bright sunlight was illuminating part of this tree.

Wedding Cake Tree or Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’

A lovely flow of white daisy-type flowers…


and beautiful blue delphiniums that look wonderful (despite being over-exposed in my photo).


Here’s another flow of flowers. This time its a stunning ground-cover form of Ceanothus. (The white flowers behind are the same daisy flowers that are shown in photo 2 above.)


When we first entered the garden, we were very taken with this lovely pairing of a purple-toned flax with Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’, a form of cow parsley that is a great favourite with both Nigel and myself.

I took this first photo…


Nigel took this photo (below)


And here’s another I took to show the overall plant combination. On this side of the flax there is a very attractive Ligularia that has similar purple foliage tones to the flax and the Anthriscus.


Lastly, I include two photos that show an entrance into the garden where the blue delphiniums are. Click on the first photo to enlarge…




Text and Photos by Exploring Colour (2017) unless otherwise attributed

16 thoughts on “Garden Elements at Larnach

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  1. Larnach’s Gardens are exquisite and your photos are so very beautiful. The enlarged photo of the entrance makes me want to climb those stone stairs and enter to explore. Thank-you so much!

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    1. It stopped me in my tracks! And then I tried a photo (but thought it wouldn’t turn out due to the high contrast). But I was lucky in this case and it actually worked so its always worth a try! “Heart warming” is a lovely description Helen, thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes – we do, but for some reason I have not planted here. At our last home, I had a huge perennial garden surrounding the back yard and against the woods. I burnt myself and the kids out with all the maintenance of wedding, so we really went low maintenance here. 🙂 I still love looking at them though. Maybe I will get one this spring! 🙂

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