The Tower Stairs



Today I present a photo taken by a photographer whose work I admire very much. His name is Lignum Draco.

He’s been posting photo articles about his recent trip to Cuba and this photo particularly caught my attention. I’m pleased to share it here with his permission.



Photo by Lignum Draco


“Centrally located in the Valle de los Ingenios is the Manaca Iznaga Estate and one of its dominant preserved features is the Bell Tower which you see above, built in 1816. It is 45 metres (147 ft) high and naturally I climbed it after paying the CUC$1 fee. According to historians, the bell that formerly hung on top of the tower announced the beginning and the end of the work day for the slaves that worked the fields, as well as the times for prayers to the Holy Virgin in the morning, midday, and afternoon. The tower was also used to sound an alarm in case of fire or slave escape.”

— Click on the Valle de los Ingenios link below for the full article


Valle de los Ingenios, Trinidad, Cuba October 2017 (19 photos)


Cuba 2017 Photo Series   |   Part Four



You can view more of Lignum Draco’s work at:



…about nothing in particular, because “Candid photography is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. Photography by Lignum Draco, “The Wood Dragon” since 2013.


Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Photo used with permission.


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    1. Yes, its so true LD that B/W works too! I’ve been considering doing a B/W post as part of my ‘Colour’ series!!! It would be quite fun to put together! Thanks to you too LD!


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