South African Garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden (NZ)

I’ll focus on the part of the South African garden shown in the photo below. (This photo will serve as a reference photo.)  Dunedin, New Zealand.

rsz_dbot_sth_african_01Click photo to enlarge

The red blob of colour you can see down the bottom of the path…

rsz_dbot_sth_african_02Erica cerinthoides. Taken 05 Nov 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAErica cerinthoides. Taken by Nigel 07 Oct 2017

rsz_dbot_sth_african_04Psoralea pinnata. Taken 05 Nov 2017
Photo above is a close-up of the flowers on the small trees that you can see both to the left and to the right in the reference photo.

rsz_dbot_sth_african_05Kingfisher daisies have blue daisy petals and yellow centres. Taken 05 Nov 2017. The kingfisher daisies with their yellow centres team up very nicely with the large yellow-flowered plant nearby.

Next plant down the slope in the reference photo is Osteospermum ecklonis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOlder photo, taken by Nigel 16 Sept 2013

The lovely blue ground cover below the Osteospermum in the reference photo is the succulent Senecio serpens (blue chalksticks)


A few more photos from other parts of the South African garden area…

rsz_dbot_sth_african_08Click on photo (above) to enlarge. You can see more Psoralea pinnata trees in bloom.

Photo below: display of yellow flowers in bloom. Taken 05 Nov 2017


Lastly, a photo taken by Nigel 15 June 2017 (winter in NZ).

Very enjoyable to see all this colour in winter!

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017) unless credited otherwise



36 thoughts on “South African Garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden (NZ)

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  1. I’ve just found your blog (I’m a Kiwi living in Australia) and enjoyed seeing these colourful photos. Many of these plants are similar to the natives we have here. They are growing so well in the temperate climate of Dunedin.

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    1. They’ve done very well in the dry hot spring and summer we’ve had this year. I’m very fond of the Australian natives and have recognised the similarity between S.African and Aussie plants. I’m as fond of the Aussie natives as of our own NZ flora, and of course some are shared between both countries!

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  2. Lovely! I was watching a TV program this evening about a zoo building an Asian garden in the UK to accommodate the Asian species of animals. I thought it is an interesting concept and must take a bit of work to reproduce the climatic conditions.

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