Standing With Wild Dolphins

Ted and Ellen Jennings are photographers from Lowcountry, South Carolina and a number of times I’ve featured their images.  They’ve recently contributed a guest post in my Where and What is Beauty? series.

I follow both of their blogs and can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve learned so much about the amazing landscapes and wildlife in their area, and I particularly enjoy their photos of alligators and roseate spoonbills.

But right now, Ted is sharing about a wonderful encounter he had recently with DOLPHINS !!

rsz_1o2a5612-1_1500w.jpgCLICK on this photo to enlarge

“There are types of shots all wildlife / nature photographers try to find. The different and rare moments. We were lucky enough to have found this.

Dolphins will herd fish, as a group (the pod) into shallow water for feeding. Some however will actually push the fish onto the shore. Once on shore these Dolphins will follow them, catch them, then roll back into the deeper water.”

Visit Ted’s original post for the full text:  Dolphin, Strand Feeding

“I went through my shots and found I have captured 3 separate stranding’s. I may never witness this again, standing with wild dolphins, so I will probably have 1 page for each. Yesterday was over 1,000 photos and miles of hiking and dolphins were only part of the day.” Ted to me via ‘comments’ 17 Nov 2017

Three Pages published (as at 20 Nov 2017):

Strand Feeding, Dolphins (1)

Strand Feeding, Dolphins (2)

Capturing A Strand Feeding, Dolphins

Blog and Website Links

Ted Jennings – Blog  | TPJ Photography

Ellen Jennings – Blog  | Passing By Photo

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Image used with permission



16 thoughts on “Standing With Wild Dolphins

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  1. Good to know. I would have assumed this dolphin was in trouble. If they can roll to and away from the shore, I wonder if the strandings happen when they are too weak. Maybe it’s the most adventurous ones who roll in for the fish. Fascinating beings!

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    1. Your comment is interesting because it made me wonder if dolphins get stranded. The ones I read about all the time are some kinds of whales especially pilot whales. Will have to check that out some time!

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