Australian Flowers at Dunedin Botanic Garden (NZ)

I’d like to welcome the new followers who have joined since “Discover” featured my blog last night. And a big thank you to the 100 people who followed after I started in May this year, and before the Discover feature.

On with the post, with photos from Dunedin Botanic Garden…


We walked through part of the Australian Garden on Saturday and were greatly taken with this billowing mass of white blossom. I’ve just found the name I was going to provide can’t possibly be correct so it must remain nameless for now.


Close-up of the flowers (above) and another view below…


Pretty pink blossom. Click on photo to enlarge…


This is an interesting one. Richea dracophylla. Similar appearance to our native Dracophyllum that I profiled in Curly Character. This (below) is endemic to Tasmania.


I found a blog post about the Richea by a person who grows it commercially in Tasmania. The author said the flowers are long-lasting if picked just as they are opening. The post has excellent macro close-up shots of the flowers.

Lovely everlasting flowers that we found blooming in the Australian Garden in early October. Very straggly plant (perhaps too much shade?) but beautiful big flowers.


Back to Saturday, we found a bumble bee busy on a Banksia flower…



























The actual colour of the Banksia flower was more like the photo below…


I found another Banksia plant that had a deeper, golden yellow flower…


rsz_prostanthera_poorinda_dbot_11Nov2017Lovely form of Prostanthera (mint bush) named ‘Poorinda Ballerina’

Lastly, I liked this Eucalyptus tree and the flowers near it…

Click on the photo to enlarge


Text by Exploring Colour. Photos by Exploring Colour and Nigel




31 thoughts on “Australian Flowers at Dunedin Botanic Garden (NZ)

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    1. Thank you very much Nat! We love Aussie flowers as much as NZ ones and you have so much colour over there which I adore! I don’t know what the first plant is. I wonder if its an Olearia – what do you think?

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    1. You are very kind! How can I help but love your comment? We’re very, very fortunate to have such a great botanic garden here in Dunedin. Its a real credit to the city and a joy to the citizens and visitors alike πŸ™‚

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    1. Dear Treeographer! I’ve been wanting to touch base with you, and also thank you so much for your kind words! Ben told me that he found me through your blog – it must have been our discussion about the kauri gum I guess! Who’d have thought! I noticed last night that our blogs were both in the same page in their ‘Nature’ topic area. You’re going great guns with your blog and its wonderful! Very best wishes, Liz PS. Never could have foreseen all this when you came along with your hahaha Cousin Itt thing!

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