Beauty – An Open Heart


Guest Post By Karen

Bottlebrush Red Photography

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What is Beauty and Where can you find it?

dsc 107-3812-Belle-Fine Art Abstract Flower Photography




To see beauty, to feel it, to breathe it and portray it

In your Photography, you must have an open heart.

A Heart filled with love and appreciation,

For all that lies around you.


dsc 3155 cloudy skies lighthouse beach jpg

Lighthouse Beach in stormy weather.


On the last morning at Sugarloaf Point at Seal Rocks,

Stormy weather settled in, the sun broke through the clouds intermittently,

Lighting up sections of the beach.

I see beauty everywhere in stormy weather,

From the sultry, rain-laden clouds to the way the Ocean mist drifts by you.

Standing on the edge of the cliff overlooking Lighthouse Beach,

I could feel the beauty, and the majesty and I breathed it in,

Rejoicing in all Nature’s Glory.


dsc 066-1931-The Grand Arch Jenolan Caves-nature photography

Looking Up at The Grand Arch at Jenolan Caves.


To me, the contrast and colours of the rock against the Blue sky,

And the shaded vegetation, Is truly Beautiful.


dsc 005-4615-Gerbera Daisy-Flower Photography-Garden

Red Gerbera Daisy


Flowers are beautiful too, and I Photograph many.

Silvery, soft hairs on tiny new leaves always gives a moment of delight.



Your frame of mind, greatly affects the way in which you view the world.


“Beauty cannot be defined,

It may be a touch, a thought, a sound or something you see.

But Beauty is something that always lies,

In the eyes of the Beholder.”


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32 thoughts on “Beauty – An Open Heart

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  1. Wow that top photo is especially amazing!!! Good news I hope. I’ve been online chatting with a happiness engineer and it looks like I am following you now. So I’m looking forward to finding a post from you in my reader soon! Hugs and blessings, N 🙂 ❤

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  2. A magnificent blog filled with beauty and wonder, and an appreciation for the natural world! Your frame of mind certainly sits with me, too, Karen. Being open to nature certainly fills the heart with its riches, and is very satisfying and inspiring, as well as being so very, very beautiful!

    Thank you, Liz, for another wonderful guest post in this amazing series!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Your frame of mind, greatly affects the way in which you view the world.” That’ so true!! Therfore open your mind and you will see in every creature something what is beautiful! Lovely pictures Karen!

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    1. Thanks for coming by Helen! I’d love to make more trips to Australia. They have such unique flora and fauna, and spectacular and diverse landscape. I’m totally awed by the place!


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