Little Bird Sang For Me

Earlier this month I was in the old rose garden at Invercargill on a grey, wet Saturday. I was very disappointed with the weather – this was supposed to be a little break for Nigel and I when we could get out and wander the gardens in Queens Park, something we really enjoy when we’re in Invercargill.

While I was standing there I heard this beautiful birdsong, and looking up, I spotted a bird perched on a balcony railing, singing its little heart out. It was like a special performance just for me!

In the photo below you can see the bird. Click on photo to enlarge

rsz_invercargill_old_rose_garden_1200Jessie Calder Garden, Queens Park, Invercargill (Southland, New Zealand)

Text and photo by Exploring Colour (2017)

10 thoughts on “Little Bird Sang For Me

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  1. I love how you zoom into these little moments in nature – it’s something I didn’t do enough of until I went out with my nieces and saw through fresh eyes, where even a blade of grass can take on magical properties. Loving your blog!

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    1. We were only able to enjoy the garden for a short break in the teeming rain but it was lovely to see the earlier rose bushes in flower. In the autumn some of these old roses have the most beautiful, fat and colourful hips.

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