Little Bird Sang For Me

Earlier this month I was in the old rose garden at Invercargill on a grey, wet Saturday. I was very disappointed with the weather – this was supposed to be a little break for Nigel and I when we could get out and wander the gardens in Queens Park, something we really enjoy when we’re in Invercargill.

While I was standing there I heard this beautiful birdsong, and looking up, I spotted a bird perched on a balcony railing, singing its little heart out. It was like a special performance just for me!

In the photo below you can see the bird. Click on photo to enlarge

rsz_invercargill_old_rose_garden_1200Jessie Calder Garden, Queens Park, Invercargill (Southland, New Zealand)

Text and photo by Exploring Colour (2017)


10 thoughts on “Little Bird Sang For Me

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  1. I love how you zoom into these little moments in nature – it’s something I didn’t do enough of until I went out with my nieces and saw through fresh eyes, where even a blade of grass can take on magical properties. Loving your blog!

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