Winged Visitation

These colourful butterflies just blew me away yesterday. I was stunned by the colour and creative artistry! And I didn’t want to do my own post today because all I want to do is say “Hey, why don’t you go and see these wonderful butterflies?”

I’ll guarantee that they’ll brighten up your day!

img_60159_1Sunset Silhouette

img_60151_1Tiger Passion

I selected two to whet your appetite. There’s more of these gorgeous creatures!

Visit Tanja Britton’s post Butterfly Fever

Tanja Britton blogs at tanja britton

Credits: Photos taken by Tanja Britton and used with permission. I also borrowed the term “winged visitation” from Tanja’s text to use as my heading for this post. Thank you Tanja!

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017)

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  1. Many years ago I bought a tiny stained glass butterfly from Auckland when I was there for an APEC meeting. Butterflies and colors are such inspiration.

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