Cedars of Lebanon Grove

Yesterday we visited the Dunedin Botanic Garden and paused at the Cedars of Lebanon Grove. This is a special garden, gifted by the Lebanese community. The Grove was officially opened in late October 2011. Click on photo to enlarge.


The Dunedin Botanic Garden website states that “the cast bronze Cedar Cone acknowledges the close relationship between the peoples of Lebanon and the revered Cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus libanii“.

“This Cedar Cone was cast by Giltech in eight pieces from an original that was sculptured by artist Bryn Jones.  It is 1.85 metres tall, 1.25 metres wide and weighs 880kgs and was cast in leaded gunmetal.

The cone was commissioned by the Dunedin Lebanese Community as a gift to Dunedin.  It stands in the ‘Cedars of Lebanon Grove’ in the Dunedin Botanical Gardens and celebrates the involvement of the Lebanese Community in the success of Dunedin for well over one hundred years.” – from the Giltech website

Initially we stopped at this garden to admire some beautiful Cistus flowers. This particular Cistus, with the large flowers, is Cistus ladanifer (SW Europe, N Africa). Also known as laudanum or common gum cistus.



It was also lovely to see Lavandula stoechas in flower


Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)


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