Come with me, to Hereweka

I invite you to come with me to Hereweka Garden on Otago Peninsula, not far from Dunedin. This is the home garden of Peter Cooke and Anna Moore. We visited on Sunday, a beautiful summer’s day in spring. It was fine, sunny, hot and bright. Perfect day to be exploring one of the best gardens around!

We’ll start at their house, and then I’ll order the photos to match the route our explorations took.

We walked in via this pergola…


and walked down this grassy path


I glanced to the right and saw these gorgeous tulips


and evidence of the hard work maintaining such a lovely garden


I looked ahead and there was Harbour Cone (local landmark)


I looked up the slope and there was the rustic arbour I’d been standing under a few minutes earlier


Another view of Harbour Cone


I found a beautiful white rhododendron



Behind the house and further up the slope is a fruit and vegetable garden. I was amazed to see tamarillos ripening on a tree (warm climate fruit tree)


Neat rows of vegetables



and a glasshouse


Within the fenced area there were chooks


Before I left the vege garden I took another photo


I left the vege garden and found some lovely lilac flowers


Tomorrow we go for a walk on the wild side, continuing our exploration…

If you would like to know more about Hereweka Garden and the owners you can visit this page on their website

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)

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    1. The tulips looked good enough to eat, like boisenberry ice-creams! Tomorrow I’ll share a completely different part of the property – real kiwi “bush”. Hope you’ll be back tmw Ellen! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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