Full On Yellow – Aurinia saxatilis

Today the Otago Daily Times had a small article titled Golden face of spring about Aurinia saxatilis growing in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. You can’t miss the bright gold blobs of colour scattered about! We’ve been photographing the Aurinia recently so the article prompted me to show some of the photos.

Aurinia saxatilis aka “basket of gold”, “yellow alyssum”. Brassica family.

rsz_dbot_yellow_alyssumYellow alyssum growing in a gully area of the rock garden, Dunedin Botanic Garden, 08 Oct 2017.

rsz_dbot_yellow_alyssum_02Bright gold blob of yellow alyssum in the rock garden, Dunedin Botanic Garden, 24 Oct 2017.

rsz_dbot_yellow_alyssum_03Different shapes, forms and colours including yellow alyssum, Dunedin Botanic Garden, 08 Oct 2017. The other flowers just left of centre are shown below:

rsz_dbot_assoc_plantLovely bright flowers!

davDense patch of yellow alyssum, Larnach Castle Garden, Dunedin, 22 Oct 2017. Credit: Nigel

Other bright yellow flowers…

rsz_dbot_yellow_achilleaGolden achillea flowers, Dunedin Botanic Garden, 24 Oct 2017

rsz_bot_yellow_tree_paeonyYellow tree peony. Dunedin Botanic Garden, 08 Oct 2017

rsz_dbot_yellow_fritsCrown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis). Dunedin Botanic Garden, 24 Sept 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKerria japonica. Dunedin Botanic Garden, 24 Sept 2017. Credit: Nigel

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017) unless otherwise attributed

FOOTNOTE (added 28 Oct 2017):

Photo of Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) in the Clive Lister Garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden. Taken 01 Oct 2017. Showing both yellow- and orange-flowered forms

rsz_dbot_crown_imperial_fritillaria imperialis


9 thoughts on “Full On Yellow – Aurinia saxatilis

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    1. Ellen, I’ve just added a footnote to the bottom of this post – it has the photo I mentioned to you of the yellow- and orange-flowered forms, both appearing in the same photo. Photo quality not great but it gives the idea!

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        1. I’d love to try growing them! Maybe next time we own our own garden! The best ones I’ve ever seen grow at a private garden called Maple Glen in Southland, a neighbouring region to ours. I was so amazed when I saw them as I’d never clapped eyes on these incredible flowers before then and they look so regal 🙂

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