The Enemies of Beauty. Guest Post by Simone Foedrowitz

Thank you Liz for your invitation
to describe my thoughts about beauty!


When I fell in deep depression
I lost my sense of beauty.




I looked in the sky above
and all that I saw
were clouds, colours and light.
But I couldn’t feel any joy.




In the night I saw thousands of stars
glittered over the sleeping city.
But they did not impress me.
My heart remained cold.




Day to day, another piece of vitality
was torn from me
until only a desolate soul remained behind.
Burnt and without life.




Any colour disappeared
and my world turned into grey.

I went in my sleeping room,
closed the window blinds,
unable to have a connection to my feelings.




In the end I lost all
even my tears.

What is beauty?

It is not enough to know what is beautiful.
You must be able to feel it.

Without emotion beauty does not touch you
and remains an empty shell.

It’s like a bird who can’t fly.




On my long way to get well again,
nature was for me the strongest source of force.

Since I was a child,
I have fallen in love with the diversity of nature.
And I had the hope that this love
was still deep inside me.

The indescribable wealth of our home planet
led me back to the wonderful life I have today.
And my camera was my leader
to rediscover our beautiful world.


What do you feel when you see the different colours and shapes?









Do you follow the invitation to explore the little things?









And are you willing to lose yourself in the vastness of landscapes?









Do you enjoy watching our different roommates?









Is beauty for you only what you see or also that which you can create?









Where is beauty?

Beauty is wherever you are ready to look
and wherever you want to create something new.
It depends on you!

You can find it
where you allow your feelings
to follow your heart.

All we have to do is
fight for the diversity of our home planet,
because species poverty and emotional alienation
are the enemies of beauty and liveliness.




Thank you für your time!
I know these were lots of pictures, but I could not resist.
I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about what and where beauty is!

Simone Foedrowitz

Blog home: Fotohabitate

Images and Text © Simone Foedrowitz. All Rights Reserved.

Scenic landscape photo locations:

  • burnt tree landscape: La Palma, Canary Islands
  • solitary bird in pink-tinged landscape: Artist’s Palette, Wai-O-Tapu, New Zealand
  • geothermal landscape: White Island, New Zealand
  • lake with mirror reflection: Lake Matheson, New Zealand
  • grassy dunes: Green hills on the way to Wharariki Beach, New Zealand
  • beach, wave and tidal flow: Baltic Sea, Peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst , Germany
  • bottom photo: Lake Matheson, New Zealand

25 thoughts on “The Enemies of Beauty. Guest Post by Simone Foedrowitz

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  1. Amazing post, the poem was very touching with beautiful photography’s to go along. You are an amazing photographer. Every photo has a story to tell. I enjoyed going through them thoroughly. All the best.

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  2. Reblogged this on F o t o h a b i t a t e and commented:

    „Wo und was ist Schönheit?“ möchte Liz regelmäßig auf ihrem inspirierenden Blog Exploring Colour New Zealand wissen. Und? Was würdet ihr spontan sagen?
    „Simpel!“, dachte ich zunächst. Aber je mehr ich darüber nachdachte, desto komplizierter wurden meine Antworten. Also drehte ich die Frage einfach um. Was verhindert Schönheit?
    Hier nun meine sehr persönlichen Gedanken im Reblog „The enemies of beauty“.

    “Where and what is beauty?” Liz regularly wants to know on her inspiring Blog Exploring Color New Zealand. And? What would you say spontaneously?
    “Simpel!” I thought at first. But the more I thought about it, the more complicated my answers were. So I just turned the question around. What prevents beauty?
    Here are now my very personal thoughts in the reblog “The enemies of beauty”.

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  3. What a fabulous post, Simone. I can so understand you when you speak of the emotional connection, and loosing it, as I did many years ago. A closeness to the natural world and love helped heal me over time, and then I could see and ‘feel’ the Light again all around, and from within. Your photography is trully beautiful, and inspirational! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Thank you, again Liz, for showcasing another brilliantly talented and creative artist! 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome, Pete! I’m gaining so much more from guest contributors like yourself and Simone than I could ever have imagined when I hesitantly started the Series “Where and What is Beauty?” I find so much joy, hope and inspiration in these posts, and a great appreciation of the wonders of nature.

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  4. Dear Liz, thank you so much for your warm words that really touch my heart. And also thank you for the opportunity to write about depression. Nobody should lose the hope of getting well again.I can only encourage everyone: Take the camera or the brush and deal with our incredible diversity in nature!
    Stay healthy and all the best to NZ! Simone

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  5. Dear Simone, this is a personal thank you for a really beautiful guest post that is truly inspiring. I was surprised by your title ‘The Enemies of Beauty’ when I first saw it! I love the way you develop this theme with your personal observations combined with awesome imagery. Its wonderful, and I’ll read it over and over! I enjoy your thoughts on beauty very much and totally agree with your challenge to engage with our world, to look after it, and yes, fight for it.

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