Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden

Last night we were in the Dunedin Botanic Garden, quite late in the day. Springtime in Dunedin, New Zealand

rsz_dbot_25oct2017_rock_gardenOverview of the rock garden. The bright orange shrub is Berberis × stenophylla and something starting with ‘C’, possibly ‘Corallina Compacta’

rsz_dbot_25oct2017_rock_garden_01Close-up of the mauve blur you can see centre-right in the first photo. I think its a type of wallflower. [28 Oct 2017 : I’ve now found that this is Erysimum bicolor]

Now to the Clive Lister Garden in the lower part of the Botanic Garden…

rsz_dbot_25oct2017_lister_01Clive Lister Garden. Wedding Cake Tree, Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’

rsz_dbot_25oct2017_lister_02Clive Lister Garden. I really liked the carpet patchwork of hostas. They’re surrounded by small maples. Acer palmatum var. dissectum ‘Garnet’.

rsz_dbot_25oct2017_lister_03Clive Lister Garden. Beautiful patchwork of different plants.

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)

11 thoughts on “Patchwork Colours in the Botanic Garden

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    1. Yes, it does look really lovely – stops you in your tracks! I’ll have to see what I can find out about it. I have a feeling that is one that has been bred in NZ but I’ll have to check that out as I’m unsure about it.

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  1. Beautiful! I have seen that wallflower growing here in gardens, and it has quite a long flowering season. I might plant some here next spring. I have always loved wallflowers from when I was a boy, and grew them from a young age in my own little garden my Dad had created for me.

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      1. My plot was only about a yard square, situated at the back of the garden shed where there was a wall I could sit on to enjoy the garden. I grew sunflowers there which grew so tall to me, from a child’s perspective, appeared to touch the sky. I also grew a small apple tree. These are what stand out for me, although I know I grew other plants in that small plot. Thank you, Liz 🙂

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        1. I had a small square plot too! It was where a concrete ramp was removed, by the house. It was colourful but completely unimaginative! It had zinnias at the back, bonfire salvias in the middle, and french marigolds in front, all in straight rows like Dad’s vegetables! Your sunflowers would have been great for a child!

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          1. That sounds wonderful, Liz! And you have broken my memory as to what other flowers I grew there. You mention French Marigolds, but I grew Pot Marigolds, which used to freely self seed. I should grow them again here 🙂

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