Tina Schell, writer and photographer… our next Guest Contributor!

‘Water Lilies’ (click to enlarge). From Seeing in 4x6s


Tina began shooting with her first camera, a Nikon FM1, some 40 years ago. She put her cameras aside when her career in technology became all-consuming. After retiring to beautiful Kiawah Island (South Carolina, USA) in 2000, she revisited her love for the lens and fully-embraced the world of digital cameras and creative post-processing. She has been published in a number of magazines, including The New York Times, The Post and Courier (Charleston’s major newspaper), and Camera in the Wild – the magazine of the Carolina Nature Photographers Association. She is co-editor of Naturally Kiawah magazine and serves on the board of the Kiawah Photography Club.

Tina_160Her blog Travels and Trifles, focuses on her love of travel, nature and all things beautiful.

Tina is a published author/photographer. Books by Tina R Schell


“Nature has a way of showing us the importance of detail, whether it be in the curve of an oak’s limbs, the color of a lily pad, or the heart of a flower. The photographer’s challenge is first and foremost to be aware and become a part of his or her surroundings, and only then to capture and share the experience.”  – Tina Schell

Note from Exploring Colour: When ‘Water Lilies’ was published a couple of months ago I loved it!  If you visit the original post you can view the complementary photo ‘Lily Pads’ as well … these two photos together are magnificent!


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