Propagation Facility at Dunedin Botanic Garden

This morning we made a bee-line to the Dunedin Botanic Garden because today there’s a number of special events on, and one of those is that you can visit the new Propagation Facility. Not brand new, but new (we’ve been there before, a year or two ago).

First, an introduction to our native New Zealand Clematis (Clematis paniculata). Here its growing through a shrubby kowhai tree. One of the joys of spring is seeing Clematis in flower. It grows in the wild and drapes itself over trees – looks absolutely stunning!


OK, so the reason I told you that is because, at the Dunedin Botanic Garden, they have it growing on the exterior of their Propagation Facility (below)


Note: The above shots were both taken 24 Sept 2017. Through the slats you can see a very limited view of the outdoor yard that adjoins the Propagation Facility.

Now, here is another view of the yard taken this morning from inside the Facility, through a vertical window (below)


The above photo is taken from one end of the “working” area of the Propagation Facility. Its like an enormous potting shed! When I entered this space, the first thing I saw was this delightful quote written on a prominent whiteboard (below)


“if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need’ – Cicero.

Isn’t that a wonderful quote… I loved it !!!

So, once upon a life I was a Librarian … one reason why I appreciate the above quote! But I also found these plant info tags alphabetically arranged in trays… the librarian and plant-lover parts of ‘me’ were overjoyed!

Click to enlarge…


Always on the lookout for colour, this tray of coloured plant tags tucked away in a corner on the bench caught my attention (below)


When you enter the Propagation Facility one thing you can’t miss is this computer display, up on the wall, showing all sorts of environmental information about the Facility and its various rooms. It rotates through a number of different screens displaying all sorts of information required for monitoring conditions within the Facility. It has a beautifully easy-to-read interface and I admired its apparent simplicity (it ALWAYS takes a lot of analysis and design effort to make anything technical look simple and easy-to-read. Someone did a great job of this!

Click to enlarge…


Here is Nigel (SO) exploring this giant “potting shed” with me. From his smile you can tell how much we’re enjoying our little adventure!


Finally, here is a view of the exterior of the Propagation Facility, with clematis (taken 24 Sept 2017)


The Dunedin Botanic Garden Propagation Facility is so much more than a giant potting shed and yard. So stay tuned – there’s more to come!

Thanks for reading
Liz 🙂

Text and photos by Exploring Colour (2017)





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    1. When you can get a good view onto native bush in spring you see these lovely patches of white cascading over trees and shrubs where its growing. It always heads to the top and flowers from there. Male flowers are larger and more showy, however female flowers are still nice and the plants have wonderful seed displays later on. So i’d be sure to have both in my own garden!


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