Emergent Gunnera

When we were in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens on 6 May, Nigel took this photo of the Gunnera bedded down for winter, all neat and tidy like a military camp. On Sunday 27 August I took this overview shot of the same area: and a couple of more closeup shots: What interested me was that... Continue Reading →

Monarch meets Queen

The monarch butterfly is well-known in New Zealand but until recently I was unaware of another butterfly that looks very similar, albeit not resident in NZ. While browsing a blog that was new to me I came across Queen and Monarch by Steven Kessel (Tucson, Arizona, USA). He has kindly permitted me to use his... Continue Reading →

Sunrise on Upper Kananaskis Lake (Canada)

Today I'm sharing two outstanding photos by Christopher James Martin of Christopher Martin Photography. I was captivated by the contrast of dark and light, the moodiness, the wildness and the majestic scenery. These are two images that I've selected from his recent post (01 Sept 2017) and are used with permission. I recommend you visit... Continue Reading →

Spring Delight

Last weekend was a beautifully fine weekend and we made the most of it! Today I'm presenting a daffodil lawn at the Dunedin Botanic Garden and also a street lined with blossom trees. The street is directly opposite the daffodil lawn. Dunedin, New Zealand Above: These daffodils are located in the rock garden Below: Four... Continue Reading →

Pulsatilla at Dunedin Botanic Garden

These lovely Pulsatilla flowers were blooming in the rock garden at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand on Sunday 27 Aug 2017. Beautiful colours and textures.       Top photo by Exploring Colour; Bottom photo by SO (2017)

What is Sustainability really?

Nigel, my husband and Landscape Architect, has published his first discussion-type post on the blog he's recently started. He discusses the meaning of Sustainability and establishes a framework for future posts. To read his post click here -->   What is Sustainability really?   Posted by Exploring Colour (2017)

Curly Character (New Zealand)

This unusual native plant is Dracophyllum traversii, a small subalpine tree with a rather odd appearance. These photos taken Sunday 27 Aug 2017 at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Has a range of common names e.g. mountain neinei, pineapple tree, grass tree Photo (above): Here you can see the top of the Dracophyllum (down the... Continue Reading →

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