On Beauty – at Life in Between. Guest Post by Jodi McKinney

On Beauty.

When Liz reached out and asked if I would be interested in guest posting on Exploring Colour, I enthusiastically accepted.

What a BEAUTIful gesture!

Then I started thinking…..

What do I know about BEAUTY?

Should I share my love of the beauty of photography?

Should I share my love of the beauty of watercolor?

Should I share my love of the beauty of baking?

Should I share my love of the beauty of family and friends?

There is SO much in this world that is beautiful – if only we choose to see.

But what should I share with the wonderful readers at Exploring Colour?


And then I remembered…..
Oh how could I forget?
You touched my life forever,
and you taught me the true meaning of BEAUTY.


A Beautiful Hello

I smiled at you,
and I said “hello.”

You smiled back,
and we both continued on our way.

When we crossed paths again
in the next aisle of our local supermarket

you stopped me,
and you looked directly into my eyes,

and you told me
I was the most beautiful person you have ever seen.

I looked back at you
more than dumbfounded.

I am clearly not the most beautiful person
even in the supermarket that day

let alone being bestowed such an honor
as the most beautiful ever.

I told you
I am sure you are mistaken.

You said, “Oh no,”
I’ve seen many.

I’ve lived a lot of years,
and I have seen my fair share of people.

These days, I rarely encounter
anyone who even notices me passing by their way

let alone one who looks me in the eyes and smiles
and genuinely greets me.

You are the most beautiful person
I have ever seen.

I will never forget you
though many years have passed.

My skin is becoming more like I remember
thinking yours was.

You made my day.
You made my week.

Heck – let’s face it –
You made my year – maybe two.

I am still far from the most beautiful,
but you made me realize

beauty is so much more
than the physical appearance.

You – sweet, gentle man
may be the most beautiful person I have ever seen.

You impacted me so deeply
and so profoundly.

You taught me a lesson
I have carried with me through my life.

A lesson that has carried me through times
of darkness and doubt.

Beauty can take on many forms
and be seen through different lenses.

Sometimes beauty is a simple, sincere


Thank you, Liz, for allowing me to share my favorite story about BEAUTY.

Cheers & Hugs,

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  1. How wonderful that person really saw you, & more than that, was willing to take a risk in saying those words! You have a lot of creative talent, but I like that you chose poetic form to express your message (It’s also National Poetry Day today, perfect)!

    Liked by 3 people

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