The Creative Life In Between

I’m delighted to introduce to you the second guest contributor in the series Where and What is Beauty?. Her guest post will be published on this blog tomorrow!

Buzz the Bumble Bee 8×10 Watercolor 140lb Saunders Cold Press

This beautiful watercolour of A Bumble Bee Named Buzz was painted by Jodi McKinney, from Mars. Yes, really! Jodi is from Mars which is a suburb in Pittsburgh, a city in Pennsylvania (USA).  You may recognise Buzz from a previous post in my blog titled I see… Black and Yellow. It just happens to be one of my most favourite artworks EVER!

Some time ago I came across Jodi through her blog The Creative Life In Between

I was amazed by the scope of her creativity – writing, photography, poetry, watercolour painting and recipes for delicious food (accompanied by outstanding food photography).

From Jodi’s blog I learned that she is very happily married, has two grown sons and is a doting grandma to a beautiful little grand-daughter. She is also:

“Director of Strategic Projects and the Office of the CEO for a hospice and home health agency, where I get to contribute to helping seniors stay in their homes and providing the best end-of-life experiences for those facing that journey.”


Recently Jodi has become a published author with the publication of KLAUS THE MOUSE. Her beautiful watercolour paintings of various animal characters include Buzz!


From the time that I first thought of doing this series on “Where and What is Beauty?” I had Jodi in mind as a guest contributor! Its a great pleasure to me that Jodi agreed to put together a post on this topic and I look forward to publishing her contribution tomorrow. Thank you Jodi!





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10 thoughts on “The Creative Life In Between

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  1. I have been following Jodi for a short period of time now and I am in complete awe of her coloring, writing and photography skills. Looking forward to her contribution in this space.
    And what a topic Liz, where and what is beauty… Love it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I know you’ll really enjoy Jodi’s guest post tomorrow. It makes me very happy that you love the topic of Beauty 🙂 Its so uplifting to consider Beauty and forget the negative stuff for a while!

      Liked by 1 person

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