I see… Green

This green-themed photo collection has been slowly coming together for a while now. I’ve found more photos over the last few days and its great to be able to publish at last! Thank you to contributing photographers! All images used with permission.

The collection starts with clambering out of green goo…


“One minute it’s a green goo, the next something climbs out.” Taken by Ted Jennings (South Carolina Lowcountry, USA)

[To view a large-size version click HERE]

From:   Out Of The Goo, An Alligator  |  August 10, 2017

Blog:     TPJphoto.net


Algae like a green snake. Taken July 25th by Steven Schwartzman (Austin, Texas, USA)

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:   Like a green snake in the water  |  Sept 15, 2017

Blog:     Portraits of Wildflowers


“The green frogs (tree frogs) are one of [my] favourite animals in the garden – almost a pet!” – Kourosh (France)

From:    The loss of a beehive  |  May 13, 2017

Blog:      A French Garden


Speckled Bush Cricket taken by Thomas David Miles (UK)

From:   Putting a Face to a Sound: The Speckled Bush-cricket  |  August 31, 2017

Blog:     Zoomology Blog


Two pearl milkweed vine flowers (Matelea reticulata). Taken June 22nd by Steven Schwartzman (Austin, Texas, USA)

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:   Haven’t shown you this for a good while  |  August 12, 2017

Blog:    Portraits of Wildflowers


Nigma walckenaeri (female) taken by Pete Hillman (Staffordshire, UK)

“This is a 4.5mm (0.2in) long green gem of a spider which I discovered a few of them on my climbing roses.” – Pete Hillman

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:    Nigma walckenaeri  |  11 July 2017

Blog:     Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography


An eastern black swallowtail larva on a dill plant taken by Grace Lockwood (Georgetown, Ontario, Canada)

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:    Life in the Garden  |  Sept 2, 2017

Blog:      Garden Graces

Website:  Garden Graces Plantscapes


This chrysalis was discovered in a large patch of milkweed plants at the edge of a field. Taken by Nick Hunter (New York, USA)

“The emergence of the last generation of monarchs in late summer is a defining moment. Their field trip to wintering grounds in Mexico is a miracle.” – Nick Hunter

[Note: the soft yellow background is from goldenrods in bloom]

From:    Monarchs Over Fields of Gold  |  Sept 12, 2017

Blog:     Nick’s Nature Pics


Currant flowers taken by Simone Foedrowitz – Naturfotografie (Germany)

From:    Fatale Folgen – Fatal Consequences  |  June 9, 2017

Blog:      FotoHabitate


Tree frog hiding in the wet reeds. Taken by Ted Jennings (South Carolina Lowcountry, USA)

[To view a large-size version click HERE]

From:    Another Local Citizen, Tree Frog  |  August 28, 2017

Blog:     TPJphoto.net


Red Clover (Trifolium pratense), local field, Staffordshire, England. May 2017. Taken by Pete Hillman

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:    Clover After The Rains  |  June 10, 2017

Blog:      Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography


Photo taken by Jodi McKinney

“After getting a total kick out of these grass flip flops I spotted in a gift shop in Sedona [Arizona, USA] and seeing where someone who lives in the desert southwest might enjoy these, they reminded me of this saying Grandma used to say.” :

“Don’t let the grass grow under your feet!”

From:    Don’t Let The Grass Grow Under Your Feet  |  August 6, 2017

Blog:      The Creative Life In Between

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Images used with permission


26 thoughts on “I see… Green

Add yours

        1. On the original post for the grass Flip Flops there’s a blogger who says she has a pair and that she loves ’em. If she visits my blog I must remember to ask her about them as she has been to my blog sometimes!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, yes, the grass jandals! They’re pretty different! We’re just heading into spring and I actually quite fancy some grass jandals for the summer! I’ll come and take more of a look around your blog as soon as I can – really looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

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      1. Hey Liz,

        Thanks for coming and taking a look around our blog! We’ve been a bit slow on writing new posts recently because we’re approaching the hectic time of year when we move our lives back to NZ for the summer 😃🛫. Working like mad trying to fit everything in! We photographed the UK native red squirrel (adorable!) last week, though, so that post is in the works!

        – Emma & Tom🌿

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    1. Jodi, I find your blog really inspiring so its particularly lovely for me to read your kind comment! Thank you very much for sending some cheer my way – particularly welcome today because its a dismal, gray, rainy day here in Dunedin, NZ!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Green has to be my second favourite colour after blue, and the shades of green you have brought together here in this blog are really quite something, Liz! Now how often will you have to mow those grass flip flops? 😉

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